Sunday, March 3, 2013

There is nothing so expensive as free eggs

.  I buy 'em from my neighbor Anne down the road.  This early winter past she lost all hers to....wildcat? incredibly irritated hawk?.... the list of suspects is usual.  So we been gettin ours from Aldi.  Called her on the way to Cullman the other night,,,says her new'uns are only about five months old so gonna be another month before the girls ramp up production.   I am so lookin forward to them brown shell, sometimes there used to be  a aracauna egg in there as well. 
The wife bought some olive oil by the case and along with it she got the most wonderful egg pan, unbelievably flippable, expecially with the olive oil.  Lately I've been typing expecially so much that it no longer looks weird.  It would seem not to have any connection at all to especially, so probly some hillbilly thang.  Ex meaning outside, but still es seems to mean to set aside.  You with degrees or even an opinion please contribute linguistic thoughts. 
Anyway, love them eggs. 
i think i want one a them steven hawking computers.  I hate this finger stuff.  i wonder if steven hawking's computer understands HIM or if he has to depend on the vocoder he uses to talk to bags of meat.