Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dropping out electronically

I like Democrats, really do, am one myself.  In my family we's all Democrats except for my stoopid brother.
This past week I got a notice from ATT, which handles all my commo stuff, my computer blather like this, my internet TV, everthang.  What it said was that I was nearing my limit of kilobytes or somethin.  Burnin up my time on the internet, in short.  And every extra 50 kb or so would cost me $10.

So I got to looking and realized that half of my incoming mail was from the Democrats wanting more $ so they could continue to battle the Repugnicans.  Well, really, what with the spying an all, I figure they's all on the same side anyway, that is, the OTHER side of the one I'm on, whatever that may be.

Then, of course I also got mail from upworthy, newsmax, the list is practically endless.
So I began to go through the list of messages and unsubscribe from everybody.

Now, this morning, I find that I am not getting any messages asking me for $3 so Barack can continue being everything he said he was not going to be and everything he is not that he said he was going to be, or so that some Congressman hopeful from Boogaloo County in Louisiana can compete in a primary so he can compete in an election in Boogaloo County, a county that has been 99% Repugnican for the last 40 years.

I still donate to Alan Grayson, but I do that without getting any kb usage; they just call once a month or so and if I have a few bucks I give it to them.
If you notice that you're getting a lot of stuff from the Democrats (or Republicans, depending on your faith), I not so humbly suggest that you disassociate yourself from it all.
It's calm here this morning.