Wednesday, February 27, 2013



It's nearly March here in Rockvale. I have a gig on March 1st, at Berkeley Bob's Coffee House, down in Cullman, Alabama. This is what's on my mind.

My little cat Tuxedo has other considerations. It's almost spring, and his thoughts have turned to his unrequited love for his cousin, YumYum.
Now all the cats have been neutralized around my house, but don't let anybody convince you that the boy-girl paradigm goes away with a snip and a stitch.

Tux has always been a little backward, bewildered, even, by the stuff going on around him. He’s a little, slow, I guess. But nothing gets in the way of his ardor, his unflagging affection for YumYum, who wouldn’t give him the time of day, if cats cared about that stuff. She growls as soon as she sees him, letting him know how despicable she finds him to be. But he loves her.

I try when occasion seems to warrant to dispense worldly advice to my critters, sit ‘em down and try to explain to them how the earth moves and life is fleeting and alla that, but really, I’m no Billy Joe Shaver. I’m just an old guy with some cats and a dog. So that even if I could explain and Tux could understand, the problems of a young tomcat and a old guy couldn't be made to amount to much.

It's almost spring and Friday night I'll be playing my stuff, hell, maybe for the last time, I don't know.

But Tuxedo. Tux is in love.

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