Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fluffy Guy Shows Up At the Katterij

Fluffy Guy Shows Up At the Katterij

Rockvale TN, Sometime in Mid-June: Lord, you shoulda seen him. Christ! Where did this cat come from here in Rockvale that whoever has let him deteriorate to this state?
Big disgusting mats of fur hangin offa him, poor guy. Ticks. Fleas. Took weeks to get his trust, calm him down, get a few snips with the scissors before the growling set in.
Gradually, though, he's been coming around to a more civilized viewpoint. Now, don't get me wrong: I don't hold with no tryin to civilize a cat that wants to be feral. And if Fluff decides he's ready to take off, that'll be fine. He'll just do it having been repaired.
It is amazing to me how flat-out mean and irresponsible people can be when it comes to other critters. Then bitch about how many feral critters there are. However I've been flat-out mean and irresponsible myself. But anyway, lately he's been enduring the wire brush getting alla that undercoat out – it is amazing how much fur keeps coming off in the brush. Winter hair that he shoulda been able to do himself. But I can only surmise that he didn't spend enough time with his mommy, because she woulda taught him better. Most of em do, anyhow.

Anyway, as time has gone on and he's lived in a community of cats who do not fight but instead have a close-knit tribal relationship thing goin on, he's begun to exhibit traits of civilized behaviour. Been starting to come out of “in there” and take calmer notice of his surroundings. Still got too many parasites on him to gain complete entrance to the Inner Sanctum, but he knows it's a good place.

When he first came we fed him on the patio table – (up high, pretty easy to leap and run any direction) – by putting the plate of food on the table and then completely ignoring him.
But it's been about a month now and the cats have their own access to the house, which he's recently found out about, and so he's been coming in to take his dinner on the floor (separate plates) with the natives.
So he's kind of been trying to be a good kitty lately, whatever that is, is my point, and startin to be political. He is starting to think he might like it here, and he's workin it. He's a hoot. Been sneakin into the house whenever he can. 'Course he doesn't realize what's in store for him, go or stay. A little snip. Et viola! Yet another social problem solved by the Lone Pensioner.

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