Monday, July 9, 2012


My sister pretty much relies on me to chase down internet rumors for her.  Usually I go to Snopes, like most everybody else.  Pretty easy work and I'm happy to be of service, since I owe her so much in payment for the love she has lavished on me over the years in complete contravention of what I deserve.
In my family, we are all Democrats, Obama fans all., excepting one incredibly dense niece and a brother who seems to be just plain hateful.
So today, she got one of these screeds, generated either by a rabid, slavering well-meaning but ignorant right-winger or by a toadie or perhaps even a paid operative of the likes of Karl Rove or the Koch brothers, to wit that by 2014, after a not-so gradual per-year increase in the monthly cost, we're going to be paying $247.00 for our Medicare.  Currently we seniors pay a little less than $100 a month for Medicare.  Although I go to VA for my medical care, I prefer to keep my Medicare active for a couple of reasons, one being that I believe in contributing my portion to my fellow seniors' fund for altruistic reasons, and the other being that if I ever need the Mayo Clinic or Sloan-Kettering, I want to be able to go in and drop my Medicare card on the desk and get admitted, diagnosed, sliced and diced, radiated, packaged and frozen, or whatever.
So I was a little disturbed to learn that Obama, whom I'd always thought to be a man of the people in public anyway, could possibly be running this horrendous scam on us unsuspecting seniors.

Go here:

So of course this email my sis got is obvious horseshit.    I do not know where these rumors come from,  whether somebody mis-hears what they thought they heard on Fox News, or whether they are the result of vicious and total LIES by The Enemy, who hate America so much that they don't care what the Supreme Court says when it says something they don't like.  I give you Rand Paul.

I suspect, since most of the hateful, bigoted, and just plain wrong emails that come from the ignorati out there tend to be not speld very gud or  writ very gud either and this email was written by somebody who has none of those faults, that is a plant written and shotgunned out there back in January by someone who got paid or expects to get paid for doing it when their mendacious seed comes to fruition in November.  Good luck on that one, butthole.
Vote Democratic.  We may not fight as dirty and therefore be as effective as our opponents, but is Honor and Sense of Fairness a bad thing?


  1. We didn't die before we got old. It sorta' sneaked up on us, didn't it?

  2. So far (and I'm sure it'll change and relatively soon) old is kinda fun.
    Get your Medicare card in the mail yet, old timer?

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