Monday, July 23, 2012



A few days back I sent out a bold-face all-caps forward about how the Congress has passed laws that benefit Congress but nobody else. Laws that have created special healthcare provisions for itself, special retirement funds, I don't need to go on and on; you've all received these things in your email. This thing was supposedly engendered by remarks made by Warren Buffett, though whether that's true or not is also irrelevant.

Basically, here's the problem, once again: The guys who “created” the country, these farmers, printers, surveyors, slave-holding plantation owners, all being heavily influenced by the Enlightenment, never had it dawn on them that in setting out the rules of government they were setting up what amounts to a Racket. A Yakuza. A Mafia.

They did not envision that they were creating a new class of employment, that of the career politician. So that by the time Andrew Jackson was clearing the area east of the Mississippi of pesky redskins, there were guys who had already served multiple terms in Congress, and had no plans to go back to their crummy little law practice in Paducah or wherever, and because Congress is the origin of all laws, no laws in regard to term limits ever got passed.

Except when FDR got so damn popular, then Congress got right to work on that term limits thing, because it only applies to the Presidency.

So, hero that I am, a few days back I said “I'll get back to you with how we can fix this situation” because I'm so damned smart and have the ability to read and own a computer, etc.

Here are the results of my research: WE'RE SCREWED.

We're screwed because the only way a Constitutional convention can be called(and this has never happened) is if the legislatures of three-quarters of the several States agree that we need to have one. Notice I didn't say the populations of three-quarters of the several States, but the Legislatures of three-quarters of the several States. So who occupies those seats in the Legislatures of the several States but career politicians, only they're career state politicians. Just like the same three guys who always run for road commissioner in your county are career politicians. Or at least that's what they're shooting for.

So read it and weep, friends and neighbors. Congress should pass just one more law, changing Emma Lazarus' “I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door” to “Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here”.

That's what I think.

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