Monday, January 28, 2013

Panama makes it into the Top Ten

hey, i made it into the reverbnation top ten blues artists for rockvale. this is really great because there aren't ten blues artists IN rockvale. but it's been a long hard struggle, and thank you fer puttin me over the top.
    Vid Mars John Lee would say: "boogie chill'yun"!
    Norine Mungo I am still hearing Popeye The Sailor Man in my head, so when you talk Blues, I'm like, really? LOL. But hey, your picking will take you anywhere my friend. Still, I cry every single time you do that song!!! Dang, now it's in my head again. LOL. Enjoy your Blues success, I will still hear your incredible Cat Stevens like song rendering in my dreams. It inspires me to write even better every time I start a song! Always, Norine.
    Danny Finley Norine: Yeah. Basically I think 'blues' and 'bluegrass' are the flavors of the moment. But since you know my repertoire, then you know that I'm not any one of those or other genres. I just write what comes down through the fog. I'm not even folk, except once in a while. For a while I thought I might be Americana, since that implied some sort of American-ness, but lately even that has seemed to elude me. I could go on and on, and perhaps will. I do appreciate the favorable comparison to Cat Stevens. See you in Tampa/St Pete in March/April, I hope?
This genre business has been a thorn in my side since we're talkin fifty years of forever. Too country for rocknroll, too rocknroll for country. Too blues for folk, too folk for blues. Sometimes I write in a style that prompted one old black jazz club owner I met in the psych ward at VA to say I reminded him of Hoagie Carmichael. Hell, I floated on that for days. Invariably there will be disappointed audience members, club owners, presenters, critics. Sometimes I wonder if it's all been a waste of time, if perhaps a light plane crash will increase the desirability of my catalogue so that my heirs at least can benefit from the privations I've put them through.
Then I get a note from some sweet person like Norine. And the sun comes out.

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