Saturday, January 26, 2013


Murfreesboro, TN January 26 @ 3:22 am --Well, I didn't achieve my lifelong dream of playing the Aura Lounge in Murfreesboro, last night, but it's understandable.

Blame it on a lack of communication. Blame it on the Bossa Nova. Nobody involved was Wrapped tightly enough to make a difference. I include myself.

I booked myself through the owner's putative agent, while my friend Ryan booked himself through the owner directly.

So I don't know. The guy who owns the bar was back in Gatlinberg or someplace for a short while, and no conversations ensued between his august self and his putative (I love that word, but it just means “reputed”) agent.
(This is more than somewhat speculative on my part. It's only a possible scenario.)

So he books Ryan. She books me. Nobody notices this until Wednesday night.

So it came down at the Wednesday songwriters' thang at 3 Brothers, that they wuz a conflict. Of dates. Ryan, who has the upper hand (quite rightly, per musician rule #21), having booked directly says we'll work something out. Well, he also says he needs the bread. Like, hello? Who doesn't? I think, but despite the Facebook boring effortful stuff, I figure, what the hey?, probably ain't my kind of joint anyway, trust in it and let it go.

The lord will provide.

Except that yesterday, Ryan called and said the owner, see?, he still doesn't have a name to me. He asked him (Ryan) to text him my number so that he could ring me up. Blame it on a bad intelligence apparatus or on I don't give a shit, it don't matter.
I figured if the guy wanted to talk to me he'da given me HIS number so I could call HIM.
It's an amazing trip these guys who own bars and these guys who play guitars get on. Always gotta have a drama. It's like any initial contact has to be like psychological arm-wrestling....

So of course I never did hear from the guy (if you know him, tell him I said Hi) who owns the club.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Jan 26 \ WMTS, your local, sometimes extreme, sometimes hip college radio station right here in Mumblesbury, Yay! Is having a benefit at 3Brothers2-nite. Bring a small negotiable donation.
I go on at 8, and I'm gonna do a whole set. Please leave your weapons at home.

3 Brothers. On the north or west side of Main Street certainly not the south or east at least I don't think. They're really bubbas to each other, too. A nice buncha beers. Best dang sangwidges in town. Three Brothers...they have the art of hospitality and good food flows through their life...

It simply is not hard for you to find 3 Brothers. Get on West Main. You'll figure it out. Corner of walnut I think

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