Thursday, September 6, 2012


Squirrel is home.  Poor little guy.  I'm sure (I mean SURE)that he thought that when he came home it would all be okay, that he'd be able to eat again just like always.  It's gonna take some doing..he has to go back for another operation(to remove the wire that is currently holding his lower jaw together) and then he's gonna have to learn to eat all over again.  Currently we have to feed him with a syringe.  But it's better than being dead, and it's certainly the choice HE made.

And the other kitties don't know what to make of it...the dumber more forgetful ones don't remember him and are thus put out by this interloper...his little sister YumYum growled and hissed at him the first night, ran outside and wouldn't come back into the house until next feeding time the evening after.  She's not stupid, but she IS jealous, you see...all through this she's been the little princess, laying up on the bed and eating bon bons and being told how very very special she is, and now, suddenly here's THIS guy getting all the attention that should rightfully be hers.
So now we're not letting YumYum out until she adjusts and forms a working relationship with her bro.
Opie, the old yellow cat, is mellow as always about everything.  I wish I knew his yogi.  So that's what's up with Squirrel.


  1. Squirrel smells different to Yum-yum now. She probably relies on smell more than sight. Once she figures out who he is, she'll likely be OK -- unless there's a history of sibling rivalry and she wants to take advantage of the situation. She is a cat, you know.

    1. Snacks and playtime for your comment. Yeah, he probably smelled a whole LOT like the Vet's when he came home. They were always close bro and sis before, hunted together an all, and I expect that relationship will soon be re-established.